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OZ (ounce) and count are the basics for selecting T-shirts!

What is OZ (Once)?

T-shirts and polo shirts have "4.0oz" or "6.6oz" in their product names, but this ounce is listed as a unit that represents the thickness of the fabric. To be precise, it is a unit area that represents weight. The higher the number, the heavier and the thicker the fabric. Gram (g / m 2) is the most common weight in Japan, but T-shirts are widely used in the United States, so they are still written in yards and pounds.

What is the count?

If there is a unit for the weight of the dough, of course, there is also a unit for the thickness of the thread. In that case, many are indicated by the word "count". The higher the value, the thinner and lighter the thread. In addition, there are two types of yarn used for T-shirt fabric: single yarn using one yarn and twin yarn that combines two yarns into one. The twin yarn is made of two twisted yarns, so it is durable and soft, and has a nice touch. Even if the count is large, if it is a twin yarn, it will be a soft and thick T-shirt with tight eyes.

T-shirts change depending what yarn is used!

Even with fabric made of the same cotton, there is a big difference in the finish depending on the type of yarn and the processing method when twisting the yarn. For example, in order to remove impurities and make the yarn uniform, combed yarn with the short fibers further removed is the best quality and the price is high. Comb yarn is glossy and the color development after dyeing is more beautiful than card yarn. In addition, open-end yarns, which are fibers twisted by air, have a unique comfort and texture.


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